Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sharing Is Caring

I love to make things & love the idea of giving things I have made to people.  I say I love the idea of giving things I have made rather than just giving because I am always nervous that people will wonder what on earth they have done to deserve it, and not in a good way, and give it The Look!  You know The Look; the one where a child brings home a, well a something, no one is quite sure what it is that they have made at school in a pottery lesson, filled with glee & pride, the parent looks at it with confusion (and a teeny bit of revulsion) on their face whilst saying “Wow, it’s lovely, thank you so much!”  Yea, well I don’t want that look so I tend to shy away from actually giving the things I have made. 

I have always found that when I am in a crafty mood (one where I want to craft something rather than one where I want to plan devilish plots, just to clarify!) I tend to want to try whatever it is that has inspired me, even if I don’t have a need for whatever it is.  I have made a LOT of fabric flowers, of different styles with different fabrics for no reason other than “Ooo, they’re pretty!”  I have made some paper roses.  I have chalkboard sprayed some bottles.  I have made some mini canvases, with buttons, with pretty paper, with paints.  I have wrapped two wreath forms with wool.  I have even had a go at making baby clothes.  I don’t have a baby.  

I came over all brave at Christmas, filled with the thought that it is a time of good will to all so hopefully those on the receiving end would be OK with some homemade stuff.  Everyone got something I had made myself, even if it was just small.  I made mint marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers, oreo bites, chocolate truffles, rosewater snaps, birdseed hearts, yoyo pins, felt tree decorations & I painted a canvas for my gran.  Woah, written like that it appears I made a heck of a lot of stuff for Christmas.  I’m actually quite impressed with myself!

Canvas for Grandma
Merry Christmas!
Mint marshmallow stirrers, Oreo bites &
Felt decorations

I have given a few more of my creations recently, including my husbands Valentines gift.  I have crafted with the specific intention to give.  So far, so good.  I haven’t noticed anyone giving The Look so I believe people have been genuinely pleased to receive my handy work, at least I hope they have been.

I have over 1000 pins on Pinterest. This need to craft is only going to get worse so I really need to get over my giving fear so look out, nearest & dearest – stuff made by me is on its way to you!

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