Sunday, 19 February 2012

Love, always

Tuesday was Valentines Day and my husband made every effort to make sure our first February 14th as Mr & Mrs was lovely.  A dozen red roses.  A bottle of bubbles.  I was banned from the kitchen while he prepared an amazing three course dinner, the highlight being a very impressive Flaming Pecorino – a hollowed out pecorino cheese “bowl” with a brandy & gin flame that melts some of the cheese to make a very tasty coating for the pasta that gets piled into it!  It looked amazing & tasted yum!  The time & effort he put into planning the perfect evening means so much – thank you Mike.

For my gift to Mike I wanted to do something to remind him that even in the little minutes I am thinking of him & that I love him.  Inspired by a friends Pinterest pin I found my way to Moorea Seal’s blog & a lovely post that had the perfect gift idea.  On Tuesday I gave Mike his first heart & a jar to keep them in. Over the coming days, weeks, months even, I will put hearts out for him to find.  Tucked under the pillow. His trouser pocket as he gets ready for work.  In a kitchen cupboard.  Where else...His desk?  His bag?  His car?  Where ever & whenever he finds them I know that it will make him smile & he will be reminded that he has my heart forever.

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