Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cake Update

Let me just get straight to the point – The Cake was a success!

I tackled the decorating armed with pink fondant, black fondant, edible glitter & a star cutter.  I was excited about decorating; I felt I had faced my biggest fears with stacking & covering the cake so now it was time to have fun & make pretty. And fun I had!

I had cut some stars out a week ago, set some on wires & left them to harden so yesterday I went crazy with the glitter – no such thing as too much sparkle! The final result was a cake covered with stars; pink stars, black stars, big stars, small stars. Even star sparklers!

I made cupcakes too; 21 vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla butter cream (and more glitter!)

When they were all together on the table at the party I felt really proud of my handy work. It’s a new feeling for me; to be able to look at something I have done & think “Well done mrs, you did good!” I might do it more often, I think I quite like it!

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