Friday, 24 February 2012

The Gift of Cake

I never like to arrive at someones house empty handed and I love to bake.  Solution?  Give cake!  Twelve cakes to be exact.  A dozen cupcakes.  I find a box of cupcakes makes people smile.  A whole box of pick-up-and-go sweet snacks, in pretty colours & yummy flavours; what’s not to smile about?  It also means I get to indulge my need to bake by making three different lots of cupcakes.

Friends of ours recently had their first baby (a beautiful baby girl) and, as I had already attended a baby shower where gifts had been given cupcakes was the ideal gift to give.  A selection of sugar-hits was just right to get the new parents through the first few days of being up at all hours with baby!  I had a little fun with a new flavour too; Chocolate Rose.  A rich chocolate cupcake flavoured with rosewater, topped with a dark chocolate buttercream piped rose.  For fans of Turkish Delight it is a must!  Along with some Mint Chocolate & some pink frosted Vanilla there was something for everyone & I didn’t have to turn up empty handed; win-win!

We are visiting with a group of friends this weekend too & they got their requests for cupcakes in a few days ago so today I baked up a storm & we will be taking Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Peanutbutter& Fizzy Cola cupcakes with us.  The smell in the kitchen this afternoon was lovely & I am looking forward to giving the gift of cake tomorrow.

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