About Me

Hello to you! Thanks for visiting Saluting Magpies!

My name is Teri-Ann, mostly known to all & sundry as T-A. I live in a small town in Devon, in the south west of England with my lovely husband, my crazy cat & my beautiful cocker spaniel dog. I love to cook nearly as much as I love to eat, I like to take photos but not have my photo taken, I craft regularly but am only just realising it's OK to be proud of what I make, I give excellent advice but often forget to follow it myself, oh and I salute magpies when I see them. Always have, always will.

Mike is my wonderfully supportive husband who, I like to believe, is one of a kind. He brings me flowers for no reason other than he knows I love fresh flowers in the house, he adds a craft magazine to the weekly shop just to make me smile, he makes dinner when I am tired & supplies cups of tea when I am engrossed in a highly important Pinterest session!

I am hoping this blog will become a place where I can share recipes, crafts, photos; things I have done & things that inspire me. If I can inspire someone else too then that would be an amazing bonus.